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Go 2D with this 2 Axis Slider!


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Experience true freedom of movement with the X-Slider.

Have you ever tried to use a slider for an in/out camera movement only to realize that your gear gets in the way of your shot? A longer lens or a slight tilt-up can help - but if it was not your first choice, it was a compromise.

What if you want to shoot a travelling with the camera pointing straight down? No luck with a regular slider.

Want to shoot in an arc around your subject? So does Michael Bay, how’s your budget?

No more tears, The X-Slider is here.

There are no limits to what you can do with this amount of freedom in your hands.

No piece of gear in the market gives you this amount of production value at such a low price point.

-Wheels with ball bearings for extra smooth slide
-Thumb screw brakes
-¼’’ Camera mount
-¼’’ and ⅜’’ Tripod mount


Main rail length: 60 cm
Secondary rail length: 40 cm
Weight: 1190 g
Load capacity: 3 Kg*

*Please bear in mind that load capacity is not only dependent on weight, but also on weight distribution. A tall head and a camera with a long, heavy lens will stress the system far more.


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