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MESH Enclosure - Cuboid


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Enclosure - Standard


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The Rat Rig Modular Enclosure System - a life saver solution for those who want to create a closed space for their creation! 3D Printers, CNC's, Grow Boxes, Aquariums, you name it.

The Standard Enclosure is a basic structure that is ideal for simple setups, such as a table top 3D Printer. It will allow you to decrease noise, avoid temperature fluctuations, reduce dust etc. From 1 up to 5 doors can be installed. The user may choose to close the bottom with a panel(machine will sit on the panel), or just keep it open(machine will on the original surface such as a table/desk)

Customizable: Use our customizer to select your inner dimensions and receive your own customized enclosure kit.
Modularity: Select how many doors you need, add and join a second module or order multiple frames for a wall full of enclosures! No limits!
Flat Packed to your door: Pickup panels from your local hardware store: Glass, Acrylic, Carbon fiber, Wood sheets, MDF, Fence, and insert them into our profile slots!
Easy build: Our kits are easy to build - in just a few minutes you'll have a working frame for your project.

-All 3030 aluminium profiles for frame and door frame
-All brackets and mounting hardware (M6 corner brackets, bolts, nuts)
-Custom MESH nylon door latch - Quick locking
-Custom MESH panel holders/seal - Hold your 3mm or 4mm thick panels tight in place
-Door Handles, Hinges and mounting hardware

Does NOT include:
- Panels(3mm or 4mm thick): You'll need to source these from your local hardware store. Ex. Acrylic, plastic, glass, MDF, carbon fiber etc.

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