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V-Sliders by Rat Rig Hardware. We have created a range of Camera Sliders based on V-Slot technology: Linear Motion at its finest, and at a great price!

Whether you're a seasoned pro with a hi-tech rig, or a curious beginner looking to fit a slider in your back-pack, we have it covered. Slider sizes range from 25cm to 150cm!

Hand made in Europe, our sliders are simple, solid, and roadworthy.

V-Slider : Heavy Duty all purpose Sliders with multiple features. (60cm or 100cm)

V-Slider Express: Light Weight and portable with the simplest feature set. (60cm or 100cm)

V-Slider Mini: Small portable Sliders for travel. (25cm or 35cm)

V-Slider Extreme: Our largest and most extreme Sliders. (150cm)

Coming Soon!!

We will be adding cool new stuff here very soon!