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V-Motion Lite


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Motorize your V-Slider or V-Slider Mini with this lightweight motor kit to add precision to your shots.

NOTE: Slider not included. 

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Price as configured: €0.00

Product Description


Motorize your V-Slider or V-Slider Mini with this lightweight motorizing kit.

Motorized sliders have been too expensive for too long. We are here to change that.


Multiple speed ranges - continuous motion with a huge range of speeds available
Power options: 
our controller accepts 12V DC so you can use your favourite power supply. we’ve included a battery pack in case you don’t have any.
Easy setup:
 assemble your kit in minutes. This kit is designed to be as simple as possible. No extra tools needed.
Two alternative setups: if the camera head you're using is very large, dont' worry, we've included all the parts for a reversed assembly where the motor is turned upside down (check photo).



V-Motion Lite Controller - choose speed and direction of movement (left or right)
V-Motion Motor - choose one of 3 speed ranges (more info below)
Set of mechanical parts - to attach the motor to your slider
Battery packpower up your kit with 8 AA batteries (batteries not included)

You can also buy an AC Power Adapter to use the mains as an alternative power source.



Choose the motor best suited for your needs:

Timelapse motor - motion is almost unnoticeable in real time
Top speed: 1 meter in 11 minutes
Lowest speed: 1 meter in 83 minutes
Max. Power consumption: 0.09A

Standard motor - adequate for timelapses in its slowest setting, adequate for real time action in its fastest
Top speed: 1 meter in 36 seconds
Lowest speed: 1 meter in 4 minutes
Max. Power consumption: 0.15A

Fast motor - great range of speeds for real time action.
Top speed: 1 meter in 16 seconds 
Lowest speed: 1 meter in 68 seconds
Max. Power consumption: 0.29A 

You can buy more than one motor and easily swap them when you need.


Load capacity
Tested with 10 Kg with a fully horizontal V-Slider. Inclination will influence performance.

Third-party power sources
You can use a third-party power source with your V-Motion Lite as long as it is rated at 12V DC and has a standard DC barrel jack.

If you use an AC adapter make sure it is rated at 2A or more.


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