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V-Mount Lite


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V-Mount Lite - A universal and customizable mounting system at a great price


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V-Mount Lite

Mount it on your tripod, then mount anything you want on it, in any position and in any direction.

Perfect for mounting multiple cameras or add-ons to your camera, such as microphones, monitors, lights, flashes or anything else you can think of!

Portable and versatile, the V-Mount comes with 5 x ¼’’ mounting screws included - you can add more if you want and they can be used in any combination.

- Small & lightweight
- Sturdy aluminium build
- 3 x ¼’’ Sliding Mounts - Mount whatever you want on any face of the rail: top, bottom or sides. Slide the mount to the desired position and attach your gear. 3 mounts are included, but you can add as many as you want.
- 2 x ¼’’ Fixed Mounts - You can use these captive screws at each tip of your V-Mount. They allow you to mount gear on top and then screw it in from below. Helpful specially when you need your gear to be pointed at a specific direction and don’t have a head.
- 1 x ¼’’ Adjustable Tripod Mounting - using a small hex key (included) you can easily slide the tripod mounting plate of the V-Mount to any desired position. Helpful to keep your tripod balanced or in some specific and creative applications.

- Rail length: 40 cm
- Weight: 260 g
- Load capacity: 20 Kg*

*Please bear in mind that load capacity is not only dependent on weight, but also on weight distribution.


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