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About Rat Rig

More than a company with successful products in several markets, Rat Rig provides a platform with a huge assortment of modular parts which allow you to build anything you can think of. If you’re a maker, hobbyist or professional, this is the place for you.


Due to the great versatility of our platform, we already operate in several distinct markets, with many more to be added in the future. For now, these are our main product categories:

Rat Rig Photo

We have been quietly disrupting the videography market for the past few years by first introducing some of the most affordable, portable and innovative sliders the world has ever seen, and then providing an elegant solution to motorize them at a truly unbeatable price.

With resellers and distributors in more than 20 European countries and in the USA, our photography line-up is just beginning, with many more exciting products currently in the pipeline.

Rat Rig Hardware

If you are a maker, you will love to learn that we are a one-stop-shop for all OpenBuilds parts, including all V-Slot profiles, with unbeatable prices in Europe.

If you’re thinking of building your own 3D printer or CNC, you will want to check out our constantly expanding collection of kits and bundles - they will really help make your job easier.


Our headquarters is in the south of Portugal, which means that if you’re ordering through our website from within the EU, you’re in luck when it comes to shipping costs and delivery times - and best of all, you will have no customs hassle.

To better serve you, we have an ever expanding list of authorized dealers all over Europe and the USA. Check the dealer closest to you here.


Back in 2014 our founders went shopping for a camera slider and got so outraged with the prices they felt they had to do something about it. They refused to idly stand by while budding filmmakers everywhere were being forced to mortgage their lives for smooth camera movement. And so they created Rat Rig.

Then and now, our company has been predicated on a simple, idealistic notion: that things shouldn’t be so freaking expensive.

Of course, that is far easier said than done, as it actually takes quite a lot of effort and innovation to significantly decrease production costs. But we certainly haven’t done badly, as attested by our thousands of happy customers worldwide and a continuously expanding network of resellers, already present in 25 countries and counting.

This success is based on a few fundamental values that embody the core of Rat Rig’s philosophy.


1. We don’t ship junk

This one really deserves number one, as it’s not that hard to drive prices down by compromising on quality or functionality. That, we refuse to do. Our products are very affordable, but we still want them to fill you with a warm fuzzy feeling of delight each time you use them.

2. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

A great design principle that we truly embrace. Working with cost limitations in mind is actually a great creative exercise, one of boiling ideas to their most fundamental nature, of stripping down everything superfluous and leaving only what is truly important.

We are huge fans of minimalism. Making things really simple is harder than it looks. It requires constantly questioning the status quo, while keeping an intense focus on functionality and user experience. There’s a lot of careful thought behind each of our design decisions. Nothing is left to chance.

We also like to believe that simple things have this elegance about them, this everlasting class. No nonsense, no BS. What you see is what you get.

3. More power to you

You should own the stuff you buy, not the other way around. At Rat Rig, we are all about empowering you to do whatever you want with our products. We strive to make every product highly modular, upgradeable, modifiable and fully compatible with third-party standards. If you’re into tweaking and tinkering, Rat Rig is definitely for you.

More than just products, we offer an entire platform where everything is made to fit with everything else, and where your imagination - not a faceless corporation - dictates all the rules.

4. We don’t give up until you’re happy

At Rat Rig we really go the extra mile with customer satisfaction. If you are any less than delighted with your experience, please contact us. You can rest assured that we will reply promptly, and whatever your issue is, we will do everything we can to make it right. And we will learn from your feedback, to better serve you next time.

5. No product is a finished product

That tweaking and tinkering we mentioned above is really in our DNA - we can’t help it!

We are constantly trying to improve our products, questioning everything we do, how we do it, and testing different ways to do it. Every time we feel confident about an innovation we put it in the hands of real customers and learn from the feedback.

This is why it’s so important for us to hear from you! Commitment to innovation implies willingness to take risks and make mistakes. We know we will make them sometimes, but don’t worry, we will own up to them. Please refer to point 4.