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The V-Cast project is now on hiatus until further notice. Click here for more information.

The toughest, most moddable and feature-loaded DIY 3D Printer kit ever! Build your own 3D Printer from scratch or upgrade your current printer to a whole new level.


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08/02/2022: The V-Cast project is now on hiatus until further notice. Click here for more information.

The latest CAD version, v1.5 can be found here:

- V-Cast v1.5 Non-Wide (Single Extruder).
- V-Cast v1.5 Wide (Dual Extruder).
- Non-IDEX / Non-Wide BOM.
- IDEX / Wide BOM.

V-Cast - Breaking the mould

There's no other way to put it, the V-Cast is a beast. With MGN linear rails on all axis and an extremely rigid structure, this kit is mechanically elegant and tough at the same time.

A Modder's Paradise

-Designed from the ground up with the modder in mind, the V-Cast is an open platform with endless possibilities for modification. Build it, tweak it, upgrade it, make it your own!
-Every V-Cast component can be bought individually, and Rat Rig provides a varied assortment of compatible parts which you can buy separately to implement any mod you can think of.
-Share your mods with the community and help the hivemind make the V-Cast even better over time!

EVA Extruder / Hot-end Mounts

The V-Cast is compatible with the EVA platform, developed by Paweł Kucmus. This means that this kit is fully compatible with many popular extruder/hot-end options!
Extruder / Drive options:
Sherpa (Coming soon)

Hot-end options:
E3D V6
Nova (Coming soon)

More options will be added continuously over time!

Give your old printer a new beginning

The Y carriage plate has pre-drilled holes with the correct spacing for the heat beds of some of the most popular printers in the market:
- Anet A8
- Prusa (MK2 & MK3)
- Ender 3
- Ender 3 Pro
- Sidewinder
- CR-10
- CR-10S
If you're upgrading from one of these printers, you will be able to use some of your existing components. Partial upgrade kits will be available soon

IDEX Double Extrusion - Right out of the box

Select the IDEX option on your order configurator to get a V-Cast with Independent Double Extrusion(The standard configuration is for single extrusion)
- Double your print output by printing two parts at once
- Unlock unlimited possibilities with multi-material printing

Multi-tool Machine

The super heavy-duty Black Anodized 3030 and 3060 T-Slot along with the 4mm thick 6061 Aluminium plates and MGN linear guides makes this machine perfectly capable of light cutting/milling/engraving duties.
Just change your tool - the V-Cast can handle it. Router mounting design is currently under development.

Multiple configuration options

Whether you're building a full Cartesian 3D Printer from scratch or upgrading an old printer, you will be spoilt for choice - our configurator let's you choose exactly what you want to include on your order and even customize your desired build volume.

We supply many genuine add-on options from reputable brands like:

Step-by-step build instructions

The V-Cast comes with a comprehensive on-line assembly manual, which will keep getting better with time as users provide feedback. Check out the current version here: V-Cast Build Guide

Assembly Videos

As a complement to the build guide, we also offer video instructions, to make those harder steps easier to understand.

Designed and shipped from the EU

If you're in the EU, forget about customs hassle and sourcing components around the globe. Your fully configured V-Cast ships directly from our headquarters in Portugal.

Feature summary:

- 300 x 300 x 300mm build volume on standard version
- MGN15/MGN12 Linear guides on all axis
- EVA carriage system, compatible with multiple extrusion options
- Upgrade compatible with many popular Cartesian 3D printers
- Single or IDEX Double extrusion possibilities
- Multi-tool machine, compatible with light engraving/milling work
- Full kit available at one source
- All Aluminium plates are supplied with the basic frame kit, including a 4mm thick bed plate
- Genuine Add-ons from reputable brands
- Customizable build sizes available on request
- Step by step documentation
- Many optional parts available such as spool holders, feet, end caps
- Optional electronics solution for mounting electronics under the printer bed (Feet, acrylic panel dxf, wire grommet/tunnels etc.) for a neat wiring setup!
- Kits designed, put together and shipped from the EU
- Unbeatable value for money

Configuration and kit summary:

- The kit contains: All hardware including frame parts, fasteners, motion parts(belts, pulleys, linear rails), all aluminium plates(Motor/Idler plates, 4mm Bed Plate, Y Carriage plate).
- Frame Version: You can use single or double extrusion with any frame version. The Wide Boy frame gives some extra "X" space(+100mm) to park your IDEX carriages for those that really need the full 300mm of X length when using double extrusion.
- Single or Double extrusion: Double Extrusion pack includes all the parts necessary to mount a second X axis extruder, ex. second motor plate, belts, pulley, MGN15C carriage
- Hotend: Select 1 or 2 hotends depending if you will be using single or double extrusion, as well as 12V or 24V versions.
- Extruder 1 / 2: Leave Extruder 2 empty if you will be using single extrusion only.
- Printed Parts: You can find the description of each pack by checking our Drive folder. More info below.
- Printed Parts: Essentials- All you need to get the printer running like motor mounts, belt holders, tensioners etc.
- Printed Parts: Accessories- Endcaps, Z tops, MGN rail caps.
- Printed Parts: EVA Extruder1/2- The printed parts to mount the EVA system which includes your extruder mount, fan mount, fan duct, and EVA cable management parts.
- Printed Parts: Electronics "below" - Optional setup where the user can mount all the electronics under the printer bed instead of behind or on top. This pack includes the tall feet, side panels for inlets, fans, as well as cable tunels. Note: This setup needs a 3mm acrylic panel to mount your electronics, and it is not included. The DXF for the acrylic panel can also be found in our Drive folder so you can get it cut locally.


The V-Cast Workbench is based on our MESH WorkBench - Light product line.
- Height: 90cm (with a 2cm thick tabletop)
- Black T-Slot 3030 Frame - just like the V-Cast frame.
- Tabletop will be 5cm wider (on all directions) than the machine it's designed for.
- Tabletop itself is not included, it should be locally sourced by the user. A 20mm MDF sheet is suggested.

External links:
Step by step Build Manual
Thingiverse Project Page
Facebook Rat Rig 3D Printer Community
Project Documentation (BOM, Build Guide, Assembly Videos, STL's and other CAD Files)
Full Fusion 360 CAD Model - Standard Frame Single Extruder
Full Fusion 360 CAD Model - Wide Boy Frame Double Extruder (IDEX)

Sample Videos:


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