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Rat Rig Est. 2014

Rat Rig is a Portuguese company that develops Hardware for creatives, both hobbyists and professionals. We design and sell affordable hardware for various fields such as photography and audio.

Our Products

Rat Rig will become a place of interest to people in various fields such as Photographers, Video and Filming professionals, Music producers both Live and in Studio, 3D Printer and CNC enthusiasts, among others. We have a whole line of interesting products in the design phase. These will be both affordable and innovative. Most of our products will rely on a 2cm extruded black aluminium rail called V-Slot, which not only looks good but is really functional in so many ways. It is also an open source design. It differs from normal extrusion due to its 45º angled concave openings. This allows to easily setup a non-static mecanic system which operates with one or more of its parts in motion.

Full Products, DIY Kits and General Hardware Parts

Most of our designs will be sold in two forms. The first being a Full Product which requires minimal unpacking and setup. The second is a DIY complete kit, which is essentially a pack of components needed to build the design in DIY fashion. These will be slightly more affordable and allow the user to learn, design and personalize at will. We will also stock a number of parts.

Raw V-Slot, Parts, and OpenBuilds Distribution

We fabricate our own V-slot Aluminium profile here in Portugal. V-slot is always available and in stock. Its also priced well because we can produce it locally. Some other hardware items and DSLR accessories are available.

We are also a European OpenBuilds Distributor. We sell a number of OpenBuilds parts and kits.

Our background

The founders and designers of Rat Rig are deeply involved in the areas of Photography and Audio and have had many years experience in the field. Miguel Carvalho is a Music producer from Portugal who has worked with a number of national studios and has inumerous recording, mixing and mastering credits under his belt: "There has always been a lack of affordable and useful hardware for the studio, designed from a technician's point of view". Luis Mangorrinha brings in all the Video and Photography Know-How. With his vast experience in the field Luis started developing his own custom hardware to use on a daily basis while Filming or Photographing. Developing these designs from a user's perspective and also keeping them affordable was the core idea behind Rat Rig. Supplying these designs in Kit form also opens up the designs to user for personalization and lowering the cost further for the DIY crowd.

To all of you, from all of us at the Rat Rig Store - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Rat Rig
Miguel Carvalho & Luís Mangorrinha